Large QSC sound system supplied to Estonian Rental company

Paxt Ltd's distributor supports QSC with a great sale to RGB Baltic

Posted 28th October 2011

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RGB Baltic is an Estonian production company who have recently invested in a complete QSC sound system to be used for rental purposes.  The system will be available for a range of different events and shows throughout the Baltic region.  RGB Baltic also offer their customers with system integration, event set-up and visual solutions from concept to full production.

RGB Baltic were asked to supply the sound equipment for the Judo World Heavyweight Championships so they called on the expertise of Music Center OU, the Paxt Ltd QSC distributor for Estonia.  Music Center OU understood that this event would need a powerful sound system so they  provided eight hangs of suspended KLA loudspeakers.  Each hang consisted of a KLA12AF array frame, one KLA181 subwoofer and 3-4 KLA12 mid-high loudspeakers. Overall there was 28 KLA12 loudspeakers,  8 KLA181 subwoofers and four K8 loudspeakers which would provide monitoring for the opening ceremony of this event.  There was additional K8 and K12 speakers to be used in the hallways of the venue for distributed sound.

Marko Erlach, General Manager for Music Center OU said “There were several reasons for choosing  QSC, the KLA speakers allowed even sound distribution for the long and high angle tribunes which was required for the recent Judo Championship event”  Marko went onto say “ Secondly, a flown subwoofer system was preferred due to the system being active and having very intuitive rigging design and would make an installation easy. Everyone is completely satisfied with the performance and tuning of the system and it looks good as well.”

Seamus Connolly, Commercial Director for Paxt Ltd said, “Music Center OU are doing a great job of QSC distribution, and their work with RGB Baltic on the Judo World Championship is a great win for the brand”.

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