PAXT embrace the new Allen & Heath Digital Mixer

Paxt Pre-sales means big business for the GLD

Posted 19th March 2012

PAXT embrace the new Allen & Heath Digital Mixer

GLD, a user-friendly, cost effective and scalable live digital mixing system, conceptually based on the hugely successful digital iLive series. A standard GLD 32 input system offers 28 XLR mic inputs with plug n’ play I/O expanders allowing easy expansion up to 48 inputs (44 XLR mic inputs).

At the heart of the system is the GLD-80 mixer, providing 48 input processing channels, 8 stereo FX returns fed by iLive’s acclaimed FX emulations, 30 configurable buses, 20 mix processing channels, and DSP power to provide full processing without compromise.

Paxt have received an outstanding response so far, with confirmed sales orders for India, Dubai, Ghana, Kenya, Lebanon and Sri Lanka which is a great start.  The first orders will be shipped in March, quickly followed by shipments in April and then May.  Tim Pollard, Managing Director for Paxt said, “Once I found out about the GLD I knew it would have a huge impact on our markets, and it has, which is very exciting”.

The GLD is affordable, practical, and professional which has made marketing a very easy process we are looking forward to the future of GLD!

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