Latvian band rock their music video with Marshall Amplifiers

Paxt distributor supply JCM & Vintage Modern to experienced rental company in Latvia

Posted 19th March 2012

Latvian band rock their music video with Marshall Amplifiers

Invasion, was formed in December 11, 1995 in the city of Riga, Latvia. Initially, the band played trash/death metal with keyboards and female vocals.  Their first performance took place at the Hell Thunder festival in Kolorado club, on April 28, 1996. Since then the band have played in different clubs and have become a very popular and successful band in Latvia.

In January, Invasion filmed their new single “Blow is Blind” and to make the video extra special they wanted to use a world class amplifier and so they chose Marshall Amplification.

Rock Distribution, Paxt Ltd.’s distributor for Marshall Amplification in Latvia, was approached by Stage Systems Service who are an experienced rental company based in Latvia. They invested in the following Marshall amplifiers JCM900, JCM2000 and Vintage Modern which were then rented to the band and appeared in their music video.

Edjis Rudzis, Managing Director for Rock Distribution said, “Marshall are the best in guitar world when it comes to live and raw sound. This is what the band wanted to share in their video”


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