Alternative girl rock-band Vanilla Cage 'Rock and Roll' with Marshall Amplification

Paxt Georgian distributor supplies JVM410H and 1960B amplifiers.

Posted 18th April 2012

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Vanilla Cage is an alternative rock girl band in Georgia they were founded in 2009.  The original band members were three friends: Maka Pularia (guitar), Natia Surmava (bass) and Sofia Kenchiashvili (drums). After a year of hard work the group achieved its first success – they were invited by the promotional company Locomotive Promotion to perform at a Uriah Heep concert after-party in Tbilisi where the band received a very warm reception.

Locomotive Promotion, who is the parent company of Professional Light and Sound Georgia, (Paxt’s distributor for Marshall Amplification) also became the band’s official producer. The group members changed in 2010 and at the end of 2011, Vanilla Cage made a decision to enter the Eurovision song contest 2012, and recorded the song “Breaking the Cage” performing with Marshall Amplifiers.

Mari Indashvili, guitarist for Vanilla Cage said, “With my Marshall stack behind me I’m always sure that I’ll get the sound I need on every show, it has never let me down!”

Nensy Tskitishvili, guitarist for Vanilla Cage said, “SLP1959 provides that classic tube sound that gives one shivers down the spine, it’s fantastic!”

Professional Light and Sound Georgia provide Vanilla Cage with all their Marshall Amplifiers and they are used for all their performances.

Current line-up: Mari Indashvili – guitar – Marshall JVM410H + Marshall 1960B Teo Chitishvili - lead vocals Natia Surmava - bass, vocals Nensy Tskitishvili - guitar, keyboards – Marshall SLP1959 + Marshall 1960B Irinka Latsoshvili – drums


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