Marshall Amplification help American rock band tour Pakistan

Paxt distributor supplies Rock Musicarium with quality amplifiers

Posted 14th May 2012

Marshall Amplification help American rock band tour Pakistan

Blood Moon Therapy is an American rock band based in New York.  They recently completed a two week tour of Pakistan, which was to help communications between the two countries.  The tour was arranged but the US embassy in Lahore and one of the venues was at the Rock Musicarium in Lake View Park, Islamabad.

Blood Moon Therapy was approached by The Humpty Dumpty Institute in NYC, they are a non-profit organisation working with the State Department, and they arrange bands to perform in countries that wouldn’t necessarily hear them otherwise.

Blood Moon Therapy was approached because their lead singer, Michael Lombardi and bassist Shawn Dailey have been successful in other areas. Michael was one of the stars of, Rescue Me, a very popular TV series in the US, and Shawn Dailey is the bassist for Courtney Love’s band, Hole. This sparked an interest and all that was left to do was the planning of the visit to Pakistan.

Mr Abid Ahmad, of Daystar Technologies, the Paxt appointed Marshall Distributor in Pakistan, was approached by the venue, Rock Musicarium, to help with the organisation of the tour.  Abid supplied the band with Marshall amplifiers, Shawn Dailey rocked with the MB450Head and MB-4x10 cab combination and his sidekick on guitar used a JCM800 for the event.

Shawn Dailey, bass player for Blood Moon Therapy said, “We used Marshall in Islamabad and I am a huge fan of Marshall amplifiers. The tour was a great success and we hope to do more like it in the future - We would love to help rep Marshall as well.”

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