"Fountain of Love" choir performs alongside Allen & Heath

Paxt distributor in Jordan, supplies Roman Catholic Church a GL2400 32 channel mixer

Posted 14th May 2012

"Fountain of Love" choir performs alongside Allen & Heath

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is one of the 15 dioceses existing in the Holy Land (Israel, Palestine and Jordan). The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem was set up by the Crusaders and after their departure, the Franciscan Fathers of the Custody of the Holy Land kept the Catholic presence.

Yanbou Mahabeh is a Choir that is managed by the Latin Vicariate and they sing at the Latin Patriarch Church in Amman Jordan. The name Yanbou Mahabeh means “Fountain of Love” and they perform in all religious ceremonies during Christmas and Easter, and also for other parishes, but mainly the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church. Yanbou Mahabeh highest achievement was when they performed in front of Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Jordan in 2008 at the Lady of Peace church in Amman.

Yanbou Mahabeh organised a concert at their church, for the celebration they required a new mixing console. They approached Triad Technical Services Co, Paxt Ltd Allen & Heath distributor for Jordan, who supplied them with a GL2400-432 dual sound live sound mixer.
Ibrahim K Sweiss, Deputy General Manager for Triad Technical Services Co said, “We try to help Yanbou Mahabe as much as possible with any equipment they may need.  They required a good mixing console and as Allen & Heath have a great reputation in Jordan it was the only choice”.

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