Kenya receives its first order of QSC from PAXT

Paxt distributor invests in QSC loudspeakers and amplifiers

Posted 4th July 2012

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Majestic Electronics have added QSC to their armoury of brands which they distribute and support in Kenya. Majestic Electronics are a successful audio supplier based in Nairobi, Kenya and have been working alongside Paxt Ltd for 8 years. 

The first Majestic Electronics QSC order was delivered to them in May and contained the powerful GX and RMX series of amplifiers and members of the House of K: KW122, KW152 and KW153 self-powered loudspeakers.

Tim Pollard, Managing Director for Paxt Ltd said, “Majestic has made a great choice adding QSC to their line-up of pro audio brands.  QSC is world renowned for its sound quality alongside its ultra-reliable build quality.  QSC quickly developed into a giant business and it’s clear that this worldwide growth will also accelerate business in Kenya too”.

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