Kenyan Logistic Company renovate trucks using Allen & Heath mixers

PAXT distributor supplies ZED10/FX to Nairobi, Kenya

Posted 27th September 2012

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Land Mawa Limited is a unique transport and logistics company who specialise in special purpose vehicles.  They are based in a historic part of the city in Nairobi, Kenya and have been in operation for 15 years.  Land Mawe Limited are approached by well-known companies like Coca Cola and Vodafone and they are asked to transform road show trucks, trailers and mobile platforms into novelty mobile musical trucks.

Each vehicle is installed with high quality equipment which you would need to create a show from the stage, screens and sound system.  In each of the trucks they install an Allen & Heath ZED10FX multipurpose mixer, which is situated securely by the DJ booth.

Once the trucks are ready they are paraded throughout the country and are used as a marketing tool to attract attention.  The combination of loud music and dancers on a moving platform, will attract a crowd which will generate interest and will also create a joyful atmosphere.   The trucks are far more interesting and effective than static billboards or electronic media and are an exciting way to reach your customers

Allen & Heath is always supplied by Sound Creations the Paxt Ltd appointed distributor for Allen & Heath in Kenya.

Amit Poonj Sharma, Managing Director of Land Mawe Ltd said “The Allen & Heath ZED10/FX have stood up to the rigours of the tough roads, vibration, sometimes heavy handed “DJs” of spurious training and have consistently delivered.  We have not had to repair any of the consoles so far.  Besides they look and perform professionally.  When our clients include Coca Cola, Safaricom (Vodafone) and many blue chip corporations, it is imperative to supply equipment that matches and exceeds expectations.   After all we have a reputation as the industry leaders and so what we put out has our name on it.  Often an item like a console will not be recognized as the component that makes the difference – however it is part and parcel of the whole package.”

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