Allen & Heath live mixer is installed in Egyptian News Service Centre

Paxt distributor supply GL2800 mixer to help with news broadcasts

Posted 19th October 2012

Allen & Heath live mixer is installed in Egyptian News Service Centre

Iris Media is a news service centre who are based in Cario, Egypt.  Under the roof of the Vision Media Group IRIS® Media and IRIS® Technologies GmbH, they explore new configurations of media technologies and their implementation to provide expert perspectives for the future of communications. 

Iris Media regularly rent out one of their studios to news channels for them to broadcast through. Due to continuous use of the original mixer it was time for an up-grade - there was no other brand more suitable than Allen & Heath.

Iris Media approached Technology KAR the Paxt distributor for Allen & Heath in Egypt, after a consultation they supplied the studio with a GL3800 8 Bus, 32 channel dual-function live sound mixer.  Hussein Raouf, Project Manager for Technology KAR said, “Allen & Heath gave us the clear quality we need in an affordable price. No more fader noise in our media industry.”

Hugo Feighery, International Sales Manager for Paxt Ltd said, “Technology KAR are a well-established industry leader in Egypt and are successfully weathering the storm of recent months. The negative market conditions have not significantly hindered Tech KAR from promoting Allen and Heath within their market and we expect significant growth in the near future.”

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