Sri Lankan rock band Paranoid Earthling, perform with Marshall Amplification

Paxt distributor sponsors huge event using outstanding Marshall amplifiers

Posted 30th November 2012

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Paranoid Earthling is a Sri Lankan rock band from Kandy. Its music can be described as a blend of experimental rock, grunge, psychedelic and stoner rock.  The band were founded in 2000 by Mirshad Buckman - the lyricist, vocalist and guitarist, Shanka Samarasinghe – Drummer, Asela Bandara – Bassist and Dhanushka Samarasinghe – Guitarist.

Paranoid Earthlings returned to their roots and performed a one off gig in Kandy, the concert took place on  Saturday 4th August 2012 at Sampath Hall and was a great opportunity for the band to celebrate their success with the home crowd.

Mike Audio (PVT) Ltd, the Paxt appointed official distributor for Marshall Amplification in Sri Lanka, were one of the sponsors for the event and supplied the following amplifiers - MA100C a 100 watt valve amplifier, JMD:1 a 50 watt combo amplifier, MB150 bass combo amplifier and  finally a MG102FX guitar amplifier.

Paranoid Earthling made the following statement about Marshall Amplification, “We have been staging the concert series “Paranoid Earthling LIVE” since 2011 in various locations in Sri Lanka. We use Marshall amps to power up our backline for all these events, namely Marshall JCM 900, Mode 4 and the VBA 400 Bass Head. Thanks to Marshall, our entire sound balance is crisp and clear; Pedals such as the Big muff sounds just perfect when passed through a JCM 900. Marshall makes our sound checks a breeze. At times, in small venues we don’t mic our guitars to the main PA system. Instead, we just crank the volume up on all three half stacks and that just about does it. Despite the high cost involved in hiring these amps, we always use Marshall as they are very reliable and makes guitar playing a pleasure. Nothing compares to the honest and clear tone of Marshall Amps." The band also said,"We are currently using the Marshall JMD 100 combo for the recording of our full-length album. We have used it on all our guitar tracks. We hope to release the album in the first quarter of 2013.  Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone at Mike Audio (Pvt) Ltd. for believing in our music & providing us with Marshall Amps for all our Live concerts and Studio Recordings since 2011.  Marshall Amps have truly taken our performances to another level."

Hugo Feighery, International Sales Manager for Paxt Ltd said, “Mike Audio continue to support Marshall Amplification through a variety of promotions and sponsorship. We in turn are pleased to support their future development and look forward to their continued growth and success”.

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