Analog Room Parties with Allen & Heath

Paxt distributor V.V Sons, sponsors live event and supply the XONE:92 mixer

Posted 11th March 2013

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Mehdi Ansari, founder and Managing Director of Analog Room, is a graduate with a bachelor degree in audio production (audio engineering). He's both a Dj and music producer with releases on Berlin based recording labels such as GreenHorn Record and Volt Music, and the UAE based recording label One28 Recordings. Spurred by his passion for music Mehdi created the event Analog Room, with the dream of making an underground music scene in UAE and help Dubai to be more educated in this part of its musical culture, encouraging development and love for electronic music -where all electronica artists can come and play at the Analog Room. Analog Room is one of a few events in the Middle East that has international feedback.

Once the concept had been constructed, Mehdi Ansari sent a proposal to V.V Sons Ltd, the Paxt Ltd appointed distributor for Allen & Heath in Dubai, to ask them if they would sponsor this event which would target 2000 registered professional clubbers in Dubai - through direct marketing via SMS campaigns, Facebook, Twitter and emails.  The Analog Room partnered with the leading party scene promoters  in Dubai, Platinum List, and would be held weekly at the Catwalk Club, Holiday Inn Hotel Al Barsha, Dubai. 

Each week would see a performance from a selection of worldwide DJ’s; to help the artists create a unique sound and a electric atmosphere, Mehdi Ansari requested the Allen & Heath XONE:92 professional 6 channel club/DJ mixer to be used for the event.

V.V Sons agreed to sponsor the event and have supplied the club with the mixer.  Rukshan ‘Rocky’ Palinda, Brand Manager for Allen & Heath at V.V Sons Ltd said, “ This is a great event and we were very proud to be asked to sponsor the Analog Room – the XONE:92 sounds and looks great in the club and I have received nothing but positive feedback.”

Mehdi Ansari commented, “The DJ’s specifically requested the Allen & Heath XONE:92 because it is a great mixer with amazing analog filters and equalizers – exactly what electronic music needs to go through before coming out of the speakers.” Seamus Connolly, Commercial Director for Paxt Ltd said, “It was a great event to be involved with and V.V & Sons made the correct decision to sponsor the Analog Room. XONE is growing in popularity in the UAE region due to strong distribution by V.V & sons”

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