Nairobi Baptist Church go iLive with Allen & Heath

Sound Creations supply popular digital mixer to church in Kenya.

Posted 11th March 2013

Nairobi Baptist Church go iLive with Allen & Heath

Nairobi Baptist Church was founded in 1958 by a group of 20 people made of Africans, Asians and Europeans who took local initiatives and covenant to form a congregation of born again believers of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Nairobi Baptist church wanted to up-grade their current analogue mixer. The two main requirements the church were looking for were the ability for more options when mixing and to improve the sound quality.  To help the church make a decision, Sound Creations, the Paxt Ltd distributor for Allen & Heath in Kenya, loaned the church an Allen & Heath iLive-T112 diigital mixer and IDR-48 rack which they thought would meet their needs.

Upon receiving positive feedback, Nairobi Baptist Church decided to purchase both items and they were officially installed on the 17th January 2013 by Sound Creations.

Nipul Shah, Owner of Sound Creations said, “We were confident the Allen & Heath iLive-T112 would be the ideal mixer for Nairobi Baptist church and would meet their specific needs.”

Tim Pollard, Managing Director for Paxt said. “ It is always a pleasure to receive successful stories from our customers and this installation by Sound Creations is the perfect example – great work.”

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