Romania Embrace Natal Drums with John Bonham Drum Kit

Paxt Distributor M&C Musical Instrument purchases unique Natal drum kit

Posted 23rd October 2013

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The ‘John Bonham’ drum kit was specially designed and named after the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.  The drum kit’s first appearance was at the NAMM 2013 shown in January and was used at an event called the Bonzo Bash which happened during the show.

M&C Musical Instruments, the Paxt distributor in Romania for Natal Drums, attended the NAMM show and were really impressed by the style and layout of the ‘John Bonham’ kit which was displayed on the Natal stand.  Once they returned from the show  they instantly placed an order for the complete kit.

When the John Bonham drum kit arrived, Calin Llie (Managing Director of M&C) asked friend and Romanian musician Razvan ‘Lapi’ Lupu to try out the Bonham kit with its great punchy rock sound, as part of a marketing campaign for Natal in Romania.

Razvan ‘Lapi’ Lupu commented, “I was looking forward to playing on Natal drums ever since I ran into the Natal Bonzo Acrylic set , which stunned me. My latest project is Lizard in Paris , a modern-vintage rock band which requires a huge rock sound and a very powerful appearance , and the Bonzo Bash kit fits perfectly”

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