Chocolate Nightclub Controlled by Q-Sys

Posted 24th March 2014

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QSC's Q-Sys networked audio and control system has recently been installed in the Chocolate nightclub in Tallinn. The Q-Sys solution provides an advanced centralised platform for the entire club, such as programming, configuration and audio processing for the loudspeakers such as equalisation, fractional delays, crossover and peak limiting protection.

In addition to the Q-Sys network, the Chocolate nightclub also installed the QSC AD-S82 surface mount loudspeakers and AD-C152 recessed ceiling speakers.

The Q-Sys system was set up, installed and managed by RGB in Estonia. “Q-Sys makes it very easy to create new system designs with a simple drag-and-drop interface, making powerful and complex audio processing a pleasure to configure and work with.”

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