6th Century Monastery Purchases QSC Sound System

Mifasi Install Acoustic Design System in Georgia

Posted 30th March 2016

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Alaverdo Monastery was founded by the Assyrian monk Joseph (Yoseb, Amba) Alaverdeli. The Monastery wanted to install their first ever sound system. The main requirement was to enable the Monastery to perform Liturgy, preaching and chant, also for sounding Georgian Symphonic polyphonic chants.

The Monastery approached our Paxt Ltd distributor Mifasi who is located in Georgia. Revaz Latsabidze a Sound Engineer for Mifasi recommended QSC. Revaz knew this brand would meet all their requirements and this was supported by the Paxt team. Teona Chachanidze, Export Manager at Mifasi said, “The decision was based on the high-quality sound systems QSC provides and the overall sound was perfect for the Monastery.”

Installation took place on 28th June 2014, the Monastery used their own Installer and Sound engineer to install 10 x AD-S32T Acoustic Design loudspeakers located inside the Monastery, alongside 1 x CMX2000 Amplifier and 4 x AD-S10T Acoustic Design loudspeakers were positioned on the outside perimeter.

Robert Davidson, Paxt Ltd Sales Manager said, “This is an excellent installation. Mifasi have sympathetically installed the new Acoustic Design series from QSC; this should provide quality sound reinforcement in this beautiful and historic location”

Positive feedback has been received back from the Monks and the Perish, confirming a successful installation into a beautiful 6th Century Monastery.


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