Karura Community Chapel Invest in Allen & Heath

The QU-32 receives a warm welcome in Nairobi, Kenya

Posted 10th May 2016

Karura Community Chapel Invest in Allen & Heath

Karura Community Chapel is located in Nairobi which is the capital and largest city in Kenya. The chapel was established in 1996 and is a non-denominational church.

As a result of rapid growth of the congregants and worship team, Karura Community Chapel decided to up-grade their current analogue mixer. After a consultation with Sound Creations , the Paxt Ltd distributor for Allen & Heath in Kenya, the chapel purchased a QU-32 Compact Digital Mixer. The main reasons this mixer was selected was its ability to operate 32 mono inputs on one layer, the simplicity of the surface and the amount of effects available for the sound engineer to use.

Mr. Kaka, the Church's sound technician expressed great satisfaction in the mixer, "I think the new sound system has awakened Karura Community Chapel. People who used to come after worship now run so that they don't miss it. Thanks to Sound Creations Ltd. for this great installation.”

Mr. Mike Rutherford, the project's manager said, “The system sounds great. Most of my installations begin with a QU mixer. I recommend the mixer to any Church that enjoys good mixes on a great mixer."

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