Large VERTEC system for The Refuge

Abuja church installs JBL line arrays.

Posted 15th November 2010

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House On The Rock is a vibrant multi-ethnic congregation, with over 7,000 worshippers on Sunday mornings and several daughter churches spread over Africa and Europe. The Refuge is House On The Rock's daughter church in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja.

E T Quake Multimedia were asked to install a leading sound reinforcement system in this large arena. PAXT Pro Audio Engineering provided the EASE model, acoustic space analysis and detailed audio equipment list with integrated additional equipment to provide this lively House of Worship with a sound system worthy of a large European music arena. A large JBL VERTEC line array was specified for Front of House - (see full equipment list below).

Emeka Michael (E T Quake Multimedia) comments, "PAXT Pro Audio Engineering were the only company that could offer a full acoustic design service, technical support and the all important commisioning of the system that would allow this famous church to realise its full sound requirement."

FoH System composed of 20 speakers and 6 subs

20 x VT4887ADP-AN 3-way, Powered Compact Line Array Element (hiQnet)

6 x VT4880A Arrayable 2 x 18" Long Excursion Subwoofer

2 x VT4889-AF Array Frame for VT4800A

2 x VT4800-UA Universal Adapter Frame

3 x MacroTech 12000i 2x4000W iClass Amplifier with HiQnet link

1 x Flight case rack w/ wheels

Under Balcony System composed of 8 speakers

8 x AC28/95 Compact 2-way 2x8" + HF(90x50)

2 x MacroTech 5000i 2x2000W iClass Amplifier with HiQnet link

8 x MTU28 U-Bracket for AC28/95

1 x Flight case rack w/ wheels

Monitor System composed of 16 loudspeaker wedges

16 x VRX915M 15" 2-Way Hi-Power Stage Monitor (Passive)

4 x MacroTech 5000i

2 x 2000W iClass Amplifier with HiQnet link

1 x Flight case rack w/ wheels

Digital Loudspeaker Management System

1 x dbx DriveRack 4800 System Controller [4 in 8 out - XLR]



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