Turbosound TCX sets the mood at Club Diamond, Montenegro

Paxt Ltd create the sparkle for Diamond Nightlife, Montenegro

Posted 14th February 2011

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DIAMOND nightclub is located in the city of Niksic, Montenegro.  The club is designed for luxury, and is equipped with a powerful Turbosound sound system. Diamond has regular perfomances from stars of popular music and international DJs.

Paxt Ltd distributor Sky Music recently installed Diamond with the following Turbosound system, 4 x TCX15, 4 x TCX12, 6 x TCX15B and 4 x Milan 15 which provides a clear and powerful sound reinforcement solution

Project Manager for this installation was Sky Music’s Milan Cvetinovic who was thrilled to say “…..best club in northern part of the country. Powerful HF drivers in Turbosound’sTCX gave crisp sound to the venue and powerful Subs are '’shaking listeners’ kidneys’ just like club people like it.”

Seamus Connolly, Paxt Ltd’s Commercial Director said “….we were delighted to win this installation against tough competition. Sky Music have done another great installation in a very cool club”

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