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Kamal Musallam discusses a lifelong love of Marshall at A.K.M. Music Centre.

Posted 15th February 2011

A.K.M. Music - The Home of Music in U.A.E

Born in Kuwait on June 8 1970, Kamal Musallam showed unique talents for drawing and playing music from the early age of 3. He started learning guitar at the age of 9 but took it more seriously when he was 17. Kamal was educated as architect and has went through various musical experiences throughout his young age and college times; of which were Arabic bands, Flamenco, Rock and Blues bands. Late 80's to early 90's, he started discovering more of Jazz sounds and got to know Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, George Benson, John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, among many others. In 1994 he moved to France, where he experienced another true musical atmosphere for four years, attending festivals and concerts in both France and Switzerland. He met artists from all over Europe and the world. There he created a more obvious interest for jazz, and developed his playing style.

Kamal performed along with: Bobby McFerrin, Bob Franceschini, Randy Brecker, Ada Rovatti, Stanely Jordan, Ranjot Barot, Anne Ducros, Dwiki Dharmawan, Andy Suzuki, David Reinhardt, Jorge Pardo (Paco De Lucia Sextet), Francisco Molina, Israel Varela, Volker Schlott and others. Below is an interview with Kamal where he discusses Marshall and his long association with the brand.

“My first experience with Marshall goes back over 18 years, when I plugged my first Fender strat into a huge Marshall stack that looked similar to the ones you see at big rock concerts, and I immediately got that specific tone of Blackmore or Hendrix…something I wouldn’t have imagined would be so easy to achieve just like that. In the late 90’s, when I turned to playing more hollow bodied electric guitars, I was living in Paris and wanted to get a medium sized amp for my home practice, and I found this half tube-half transistor Marshall in a shop, plugged in my Ibanez Jazz guitar and the result was just WOW!!” A nice clean but warm tone came out of it, way more convincing when compared to all the other amps the shop had!” I immediately bought it and played it all day long. It was so easy to carry around as well, but one day I had to sell it for some money - you know how it is for an up and coming musician during the first years of their career! Years later, I moved to Dubai, and one of the first shops I established a great friendship with was A.K.M. Music Centre, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. I used to go and try their guitars and amps all the time, trying to find again that same grain of sound which my Parisian Marshall amp had. But it was only until 2010 when I noticed a new model from Marshall Valve state series that looked very similar to my old amp! By this time I already had my Ibanez signature model out, so I plugged it in and it was an amazing surprise. I heard the same sound I had heard in my mind for years! Then I picked up a hollow body and plugged it in and that was it, I immediately bought the amp, I had found my love again! Thanks to A.K.M. Music Centre for carrying great stock and to Marshall for their continuous research and developments in guitar sound, not letting new technology steal the depth of the vintage sound.”

Hugo Feighery – Sales Manager MEA Paxt Ltd commented on AKM,  “A.K.M with Ajmal Khan at the helm has greatly assisted the growth and development of Marshall in the UAE. Consistently providing a great selection of Marshall and promoting music and the arts throughout the UAE. His support of Kamal has helped bring the brand to the attention of Arabic musicians who might otherwise not have looked at Marshall.”

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