Harman installation Modernises large Church services

Good Tidings Bible Church, Abuja, Nigeria

Posted 4th March 2011

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    Jilreign Omoniyi - Sound Engineer with Harman rack

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    Jilreign Omoniyi - Sound Engineer with Harman rack

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    Jilreign Omoniyi - Sound Engineer with Harman rack

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    Jilreign Omoniyi - Sound Engineer with Harman rack

Good Tidings Bible Church International (GTBCI), aka The Happy People is a ministry with a mandate delivered to Bishop Dayo Olutayo who is the overseeing Pastor to “connect men to God, people to purpose and purpose to power.” In pursuit this vision, the ministry started in a rented building in Abuja, Capital City of Nigeria, on Thursday, 4th November 2004 with the first Sunday service on 7th November 2004 which was dedicated by two of the great patriarch of our time. Today several thousand gather weekly to hear the undiluted word of God and experience signs and wonders, with amazing testimonies.

At Good Tidings Bible Church International, men, women, boys and girls discover their purpose and are empowered to pursue and fulfil such.  Jilreign Omoniyi was the sound engineer for this huge installation.

Harman products installed

10 JBL SRX 725

5 JBL SRX 728S

10 JBL 712M monitors

10 Crown XTi-4000 amplifiers

2 DBX Driverack 260

2 DBX iEQ31 equalizers

4 DBX 266XL compressors

6 AKG D5 Vocal microphones for back up vocals

3 AKG Perception 420 for choir

Tim Pollard – PAXT Managing Director commented, “the PAXT specialist installation contractor ET Quake Multimedia Nig Ltd located in Abuja completed a very professional total Harman installation. The signal path is all Harman from microphone (AKG) through processing and amps (DBX and Crown) and JBL professional loudspeakers. The continued education relating to quality and the development of higher quality professional audio equipment in Nigeria is central to the PAXT Audio Engineering strategy. http://paxt.com/engineering.php. PAXT is committed to driving technology into the high end of  installations in sub Saharan Africa through its dedicated project engineering support service.”

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