Jelgava District are now mobile with Turbsound Sound System

Cultural life erupts with new Turbosound PA System

Posted 4th March 2011

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    Aldis Hercs - System & Sound Engineer with Turbosound Loudspeakers

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    Aldis Hercs - System & Sound Engineer with Turbosound Loudspeakers

Jelgava is a town in central Latvia with 65,419 inhabitants. It is the largest town in Semigallia.. Jelgava is known as the former capital of the Duchy of Courland, and was the capital of the Courland Governorate until 1919.

The Municipality, who oversea the Jelgava district, are responsible for the cultural life within.  They required a portable sound system that could be used for small indoor and outdoor events, and had to be easily transportable  to move from each event throughout the district.

Paxt Ltd’s Latvian distributor, SGS Sistemas Ltd, was approached by the Municipality and with their support they invested in the following Turbosound loudspeakers 2 x NuQ 12DP, 2 x B18DP as PA system; 2 x TXP-121 as stage monitors.

Normunds Eilands of SGS Systemas, explains why the Turbosound system was the best option for the Municipality “we chose powered system because of ease of use and fast set up. It fits in small van and need only two people for set up.  But it's still quite powerful and with good coverage”

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