Mountain of Fire Church Erupts with Allen & Heath

Large Nigerian Church purchase large format GL3800

Posted 4th May 2011

Mountain of Fire Church Erupts with Allen & Heath

Moses Adedamola and Tobi Oluwole Sound Engineers for MFM

Mountain of Fire Ministries is a full gospel ministry devoted to the Revival of Apostolic Signs, Holy Ghost fireworks and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God.  There are many branches across the world, and followers believe in absolute holiness within, and a pre-requisite for heaven is taught openly.

The Abuja Mountain of Fire and Prayer Ministries MFM branch, were looking to up-grade their analogue mixer. They were looking for a  powerful and reliable console,  and after a consultation with Emeka Michael, ET Quake Multimedia Nig Ltd they settled and invested in a Allen & Heath GL3800-40 channel Dual Function Live Sound Mixer which ticked all the boxes !

We have two great reviews from two in-house engineers for MFM, Moses Adedamola and Tobi Oluwole.

Moses Adedamola, Sound Engineer for MFM said, “ Mixer is beautifully crafted and laid out. Very easy to use and out trainee technicians find that very helpful anytime to have to fill in for us during week days.” He also said “ Four Mute groups is my favourite feature I wish it had more.  We heard the difference as soon as the mixer was plugged in. “
Tobi Oluwole, Sound Engineer for MFM said, “I love the Auxiliary master flip to faders and the noise
generator comes in useful every time, I want to check my signals in and around the desk.” He also mentioned “for some reason we thought we had issues with 2 channels and one subgroup
output on the desk, but ET-Quake Multimedia responded quickly and we carried out a test and everything was in order. Great technical support I must say..”

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