Hungarian Fashion Show stylied by Turbosound Sound System

Paxt Hungarian distributor completes large Installation

Posted 6th June 2011

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Colossal, Paxt Ltd’s appointed distributor for Hungary, has recently completed a large indoor installation for a Hungarian fashion show named ‘ Gombold Ujra’ translated Re-Button. 

The show took place at the Fine Arts Museum located in Budapest, Hungary.  The event took place on Sunday 8th May and was the first fashion show to take place in Hungary for all their designers.

There were limited tickets for this event and only a select number of 400 people we able to attend, but due to the popularity of  the show there were a thousand people who watched the show on 2 LED televisions outside the Museum.

The selected audience were welcomed into the Museum and were taken through to the Marble hall, where they listened to DJ Bootsie Quartett a well known band in Hungary.  They were then seated in the Grandoise Renaissance hall where there was an air of excitement and suspense awaiting the oufits the Hungarian designers had created.

The Turbosound Sound System Installed:

Ouside the Museum: 

4 x TSW-218DP & 4 x TA-500TDP

Marble Hall:  

2 x NuQ12, 4 x B-15 for PA, 4 x NuQ12 for the monitors & 2 x DP-50 amplifiers.

Renaissance Hall: 

2 x NuQ12, 1 x TSW-218DP for PA, 4 x NuQ10DP for delay, 2 x NuQ12 & 1 x DP50 for the monitors.

Backstage area:  6 x Milan M15

Andres Lerner Managing Director of Colossal said “The 4 pcs Aspect 500 DP+TSW-218DP were more than enough both in coverage and sound pressure for the audience outside of the museum. The speeches and the music sounded like inside the Renaissance Hall, but in a 40m x 60m open space.” Andreas added “In the Marble Hall, the 1 x NUQ12 + 2 x B-15 /side satellite P.A. system had as punch as it was required for the electronic based music. The musicians had never met with this type of wedges before, but they was hugely impressed with the NuQ12s as monitor.”

In the Renaissance Hall Colossal’s Sound Engineer Peter Rusko, said: ”The NuQ 10 DP’s are lovely and tiny speakers for this job as delay speakers. The on board DSP with the Turbodrive Software and simple Cat5 cables made my work so easy. The Renaissance Hall is one of the most difficult place for us to keep the speeches and vocals audible and clear. The reverberation time is more than 6 sec in the Hall, the walls and the floor is made of marble, the ceiling is made from glass and the height is more than the width of the hall. The 2 NuQ 12’s as P.A. (extended the low end with 1 TSW-218DP) and the 4xNuQ10DP’s as delay speakers on stand was an excellent system for the clear vocals and we hadn’t have any problem to keep the gains before feedback.”

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