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Paxt's purpose is to 'Amplify African Stories through Music & Sound'.

What does that mean?

We're is in a unique position, representing the brands and the communities they serve, both seeking to grow. Artists are story tellers, but in Sub Saharan Africa, they face unique challenges. Can they get hold of the equipment they need to perform their art? Can they secure the training to make the most of that equipment? Are they permitted to perform in the way they want and to who they want?

The brands want to tell their stories and they have the vehicles to do so. We can bring the artists, engineers and brands together and help bring these stories to the world; stories of the barriers to their creativity, of voices silenced and opinions oppressed.


By bringing these two worlds together, and also playing our part in shining a light on the stories the tell, we can play some part in creating greater equality in our world. More specifically, we help to get the gear in the hands of the artist, promote their artistry, provide training, and support the work of others in the territory who are aiming to do the same.

To that end, we are proud supporters of Music Crossroads, and continue to work closely with them alongside the brands we represent.

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