Superior sound with QSC: the smart choice for installed applications

We take a look at the best loudspeaker options for performance venues large and small.


With QSC in the house, you can be assured of high-quality audio that delivers the best from every performance, and does so reliably – night after night, year after year. Easy to configure and deploy, a QSC system is also a superb value that delivers tremendous returns on your pro audio investment.

QSC has been in business since 1968 – and since then it’s been the trusted brand for a whole host of venues. It’s simple to understand why. A QSC system sets up quickly, looks professional and is easy to use. What’s more, it sounds great either by itself or enhanced with any other piece of QSC gear. Their products and systems are also designed to be flexible and interchangeable in numerous configurations, allowing you to own fewer specialised pieces of equipment. This allows for flexibility as you build your system for a wide range of entertainment venues.

From intimate coffee shops to substantial concert halls, QSC live sound solutions have been designed to sound awesome and perform night after night.  Whether you need a sound system for background or foreground music, a small or large audience, QSC products deliver professional sound quality and reliability for commercial use.

Satisfying demanding performers, venues and audiences takes people skills, technical savvy, good ears and the right gear. Whether you’re using that QSC gear to showcase an up-and-coming band at your bar or a prominent artist at a stadium-sized event, you can be assured that your equipment is providing a quality performance, time and time again. That’s a great return on investment, and the QSC brand promise.

Popular venues like Pizza Express trust QSC to deliver quality sound and get their customers in the party spirit – as you can see here!

There are a variety of options and we’re sure you’ll find one to suit your needs – check out the details below and please feel free to get in touch with our team for more personalised advice.



E Series

The E Series is a range of passive loudspeakers offering robust construction, trusted reliability and overall sonic performance beyond expectations. Intended for sound reinforcement in entertainment applications including live performance, DJ and dance music, karaoke and event production, E Series loudspeakers will deliver outstanding results. Building on QSC’s proven “Systems” methodology, the E Series loudspeakers’ performance is further enhanced when paired with QSC’s GXD or PLD amplifiers or with a QSC TouchMix digital mixer, and taking advantage of the on-board DSP and factory-tuned presets. These presets support a variety of applications including live sound reinforcement (with and without subwoofers), stage monitoring, dance music and karaoke.

E Series consists of six models constructed of rugged plywood and coated in black, textured paint. Heavy-duty grilles lined with foam provide protection for the woofers and an elegant appearance. E110, E112 and E115 models are equipped with an all metal, dual-angle, 35mm socket that allows the speaker to be mounted vertically on a pole or angled down by 10° to improve audience coverage and reduce rear wall reflections. Multiple mounting options using E Series Yoke or M8 / M10 eyebolts are supported. Input connections include dual NL4 as well as screw terminal receptacles.

E Series Entertainment System DSP Tunings are now available for PLD, CXD and GXD processing amplifiers.


CP Series is the ideal solution for system integrators who want QSC performance, quality and reliability at a value price point. Incredibly compact, CP active loudspeakers feature an elegant form factor that blends well into small spaces while also providing outstanding audio performance for both speech and music applications. Because of its light weight, CP Series is easy to deploy either horizontally or vertically with an optional quick-connect yoke mount.


The QSC K.2 Series™ represents the best-in-class active loudspeaker for today’s demanding audio professionals. The perfect combination of elegant design, superior audio performance, high functionality, simple and intuitive operation, and genuine QSC reliability, K.2 delivers extraordinary results for users in both portable and installed applications.

Each model is housed in a rugged ABS enclosure with a professional yet unobtrusive appearance that is at home in any venue. For suspended applications, integrated M10 fittings with a single pullback are included to accommodate M10 eyebolts. An optional yoke mount accessory is also available for permanent installation to walls and ceilings or for temporary attachment to truss (requires 3rd party hardware). Advanced on-board DSP provides Intrinsic Correction™ voicing and advanced system management, such as setting delay times, to further optimise performance.

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