Rane DJ Announces Seventy-Two 1.2 Firmware Update Delivering Exciting New Features

Latest Firmware Update Provides Updated Touchscreen View Options, Tap Tempo Enhancements, Improved visibility of Touch Effect Parameters, Beat-Breaker Pattern Editing Facilities, Footswitch Control Enhancements, Microphone Improvements and Much More!\

The Rane DJ Seventy-Two is a 2-channel, advanced control and performance mixer, addressing the creative power of Serato DJ Pro software. Featuring a full colour touchscreen interface, stackable Serato and Flex FX, plus the ultimate in expressive playback control via eight multi-function trigger pads, the Rane Seventy-Two redefines the scope and possibilities for Pro, Club and Scratch DJ/Turntablists. Today Rane DJ has announced the 1.2 firmware update including a range of exciting new features and refinements requested by the Rane DJ user community.

NEW IN 1.2

Touchscreen Views

The Seventy-Two now includes a number of new Touchscreen view functions.

Startup View: It is now possible to choose the default start-up view while connected to Serato DJ Pro.
Load/Scroll Touch: Users can now choose whether the Load/Scroll knobs direct to the Library View
Pinch-to-Zoom: When using Waveform View on the Touchscreen, it is now possible to zoom in and out. While in Waveform view, pinch two fingers together to zoom in and drag two fingers apart to zoom out.
Library View: In Library View, long file names now scroll across the Touchscreen.

Pad Mode Display

The Seventy-Two can now display Pad Mode and Performance Pad information on the Touchscreen. This will occur if users are in Waveform View, Effects View, or the Touch FX screen. On each pad in the display, users will find a label for the specific function of the pad when operating within the selected pad mode.