Growing sales. Taking care of business.

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Growing sales. Taking care of business.

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In the regions in which we operate, PAXT is committed to delivering higher volumes and more profitable export sales to our brand partners than they would otherwise achieve without our involvement. It’s a challenge that we’ve met consistently throughout our 30-year history, thanks to a unique combination of hard-won local knowledge and modern, streamlined logistics.


No two markets are the same and those in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe can be more different than most. In 30 years of exporting, we’ve amassed a huge amount of experience of how these markets work, so our brand partners don’t have to find out the hard way.


We spend a lot of time on the ground in the regions we cover, building trusted networks of professional resellers, also supporting their tenders for capital projects. We know who does the business and how it gets done, so our brand partners can be confident that their products will be widely available and professionally represented in every market.


From our warehousing operations in the UK to local depots in the regions, we’re experts in streamlined logistics and local customs requirements, ensuring the efficient delivery of products from manufacturer to retailer.


Dealing with a multitude of local currencies, letters of credit and import tariffs is difficult and time consuming. Our brand partners are relieved of this expense, with PAXT presenting as a single, UK-based export customer, consolidating sales across a number of territories and idiosyncratic importing procedures.


We know that highly trained and motivated retailers and a network of qualified system installers are key drivers of sales success. So PAXT is fully equipped to deliver our brand partners’ product and systems installation training programs, either on site or from our webinar training room in the UK.


Many of our brand partners have been working with PAXT throughout our 30-year history. They know that alongside a measurable increase in profitable sales, they can also rely on PAXT to act as their eyes and ears in the regions, reporting on market trends, feeding back from retailers and end-users, and protecting the reputation and integrity of each brand in each and every territory.