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Ivy Alexander gets the 4th Gen treatment

Ivy Alexander gets the 4th Gen treatment

Africa has no shortage of exceptional musical talent, with a barrage of artists seeking to make their mark on the continent and beyond.

Ivy Alexander is one of the fastest rising guitar talents in East Africa and she’s changing the narrative around women in audio, bringing other great local female artists along with her.

Alexander has become famous for her neo-grooves, taking inspiration from R&B and African rhythm to shape her sound. Influences come from the likes of Jimmy DluDlu, Paul Jackson Jr, Mark Lettieri and Benjamin Kabaseke, to name but a few.

As with most new influential artists in an Instagram/tik-tok world, home-produced content is vital, and Alexander has been a Focusrite Scarlett fan from the start. With launch of the latest 4th gen, she saw the opportunity to take her recordings up a level.

Check out her Instagram page to stay abreast of her latest create endeavours.

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