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We proudly represent

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We proudly represent

ADAM Audio

ADAM Audio offer some of the most highly-regarded studio monitors, used by sound professionals the world over.


From keys to drums, Alesis has a rich heritage to point to, delivering exceptional value for modern musicians and music creators.


Alto Professional deliver live audio solutions for the budget-conscious, delivering exceptional performance at an unbeatable price.


BSS has earned an international reputation for audio signal processing that addresses the real needs of professional musicians.

Denon DJ

Embrace the future of DJing with Denon's cutting-edge technology, designed to amplify your creative potential.


From Monitors to microphones, keyboards to sound cards, M-Audio make tools to empower the modern musician.

Pioneer DJ

The undisputed giant of the DJ world, Pioneer DJ has led the way, creating tools that have changed the way we perform.


One of the most prestigious names in DJ, Rane has become synonymous with a no-compromise, built-to-last philosophy.


Over the past 50 years, Akai Pro has become synonomous with sampling, hip hop and building beats, but it's about so much more.

Allen & Heath

The undisputed leaders in the world of digital mixers, A & H started life at the heart of London’s swinging music scene, back in 1969.


Hailing from the United Kingdom, Blackstar is shaping the future of Guitar Amps and fast becoming the world's #1 choice.


Often immitated, never matched, Crown amplifiers have reliably powered the biggest tours, cinemas and stadiums for decades.


Focusrite began life making sonically phenomenal mixing desks. Now it makes the most popular audio interfaces in the world.


Through Synths, controllers and groove boxes, Novation have been shaping the the sound of electronic music for over 30 years.


Q-Sys have cemented their place in the AVIT market due to their highly sophisticated, yet easily accessible solution.


As a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, Roland has been a driver of innovation for over 50 years.


AKG are best known for their C12 microphone and K-series headphones. No self-respecting studio would want to be without them.


AlphaTheta began life as Pioneer DJ. It's mission? To enhance the creative potential of music and enable a world filled with joy


With over 50 years of innovation, Boss have become the leading Guitar FX brand, but they are so much more.


There isn't a self-respecting FOH rack in the world without DBX; the go-to brand for live sound signal processing.


JBL is undeniably the most famous loud speaker brand in the world, with over 75 years of sound system innovation


For over 40 years, Numark solutions have combined their deep understanding of DJs’ needs with cutting-edge tech.


QSC have a world wide recognition for their highly reliable and great quality professional audio equipment.


Design and innovation has grown Soundcraft to become an industry leader in digital and analogue consoles.

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